Is crypto currency for you?

A few years back that was my major question. I had gotten a e-mail from a friend asking me to look into the bitcoin thing and do I feel he should invest? My reply was remember e-gold . We had all made very good profits with e-gold than the regulations of banks took hold and bamm there it went. So I pated on the notion of investing and than the large explosion happened and bit coin has blossoms .

Now the another chance has come to my attention and I have spent the last two months watching , researching , and doing all the due diligence to take the early plunge. From my research I have found I am not alone in doing this but from where I stand it is far worth the risk of making a single spend that I can afford to make without giving away the bank.

I WOULD LIKE TO TELL THE WORLD THAT IT IS MAKING ME FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT NOW . But no not to be announced now as it is still in ICO. But I will urge all that read this to get a free spot now and just study what happens next.