Mini Sites works

Soooo you got your domain and word press site up and running . My next question is did you install the gawker software I alerted you to when I began this test ? If so you should have realized an increase in traffic as well as subscribers for your site.(these subscribers are the beginning of your first list and the gateway to sells). If you have not gotten your gawker site yet you can get it here the price has gone up but I can get it installed on your site for a minimal cost just contact me to make it happen.

The next step is to create a subdomain and install a simple mini site that re-sells for less than $10 and is in a niche that you love. These mini sites are very cheap and most install without any special skills. Also note that most mini sites come with plr rights (you are able to brand and re-sell) . If you need a collection I have started a store to sale the mini-sites I am collecting as well as allow my followers to sale theirs as well . .

Remember to make things happen for yourself and when you don't know ask as someone is always willing to help.