Covert Gawker

Over the years the IM Wealth Builders have
released over 20 best selling WordPress
plugins and themes.

It's been a while since they released their
last theme, almost 2 years in fact.

That's because they don't develop to sell,
they create themes for their own use and
only if they pass their own strict tests
will they release them to the public.

And today they have finally released a new
WordPress theme called Covert Gawkr.

Click here to watch the demo video now:

With over 90.000 happy customers and
a well deserved reputation for innovation,
quality and most importantly long term
support of their themes...

It's well worth paying attention when
these guys release something new.

And right now the new Covert Gawkr theme
is available at a special launch discount,
and it's still dirt cheap!

However it is on a dime sale and the price
is going up with every order!

I recommend that you check it out now -
it's really good - and you'd want to get
in before the price soars too high!

To your success,
Bobby L Dennis